Energy Work w/ Goddess Aurora

Dr.  Clark practices Tantra under the name Goddess Aurora. Consistent with her "Goddess Makeover" curriculum for positive body image, Dr. Clark encourages women to identify their work, style, and/or goals with a Goddess.
Goddess Aurora is the Goddess of Awakening and New Beginnings - which is what Dr. Clark  intends for you as her energy work or coaching client.

Born with abnormalities that led her use holistic methods to bring her body into balance, Dr. Clark has studied with holistic healers, energy healers, and relationship coaches.  Some of her mentors include:

 Dr. Sebi - Dr. Clark studied healthy eating and detoxification in Honduras with Dr. Sebi and Maa.

Alison Armstrong -  With Armstrong, Dr. Clark learned the Queen's Code which included reading, understanding and respecting both masculine and feminine energy.  A "PAX (Peace) Woman," Dr. Clark completed Armstrong's curriculum on how women have peaceful relationships with men which included Q&A with panels of men.

Master Yao Morris - Dr. Clark studied advanced Tantra energy work with Master Yao,  author of 'Awakening the Master Feminine,' 'High Level Orgasm,' and 'Awakening the Master Masculine.' Tantra energy work is used in the energy work sessions by Goddess Aurora to help clients become the best version of themselves.

Dr. Sunyatta Amen - Dr. Clark is a belly dance enthusiast and attended multiple workshops led by Dr. Amen where she experienced African styles of belly dance; including trance dance. Trance energy work is incorporated into some of  Goddess Aurora's energy work sessions.

Meet the Designer of Dr. Clark's Energy Work Jewelry

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