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Over 90% of women dislike their body! Stop being one of them.

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Nicole Black, Author of Fat Shame

 “I am inspired. We don't have to live like this!”

Jaya Jaya Myra,  Health and Wellness Author

 "I love what Dr. Clark is doing to help people to have a positive outlook about their bodies!"  

Sarah E. Brown, Ph.D. Success Coach

 “Your talk on the Pink Tax was excellent. Women need to be aware of this and just knowing it creates empowering options." 

Colleen Vanderzyden, Life Coach

"I learned so much that I can do something about what's going on."

Ellen Coleman, Motivational Speaker

"Dr. Clark is a woman of true beauty inside and out with great intelligence and wisdom. She absolutely captivated the entire room."

Nita Wiggins, Author, Educator, and Journalist

"Dr. Clark talked about issues that really moved me."

Yvonne, Truck Driver

"It was an engaging presentation. Dr. Clark knew what she was talking about and she really was one of the best speakers, if not, the best on that program that day."

Dr. Philip Agrios, lifesonelaw.com

"I really really highly recommend going and finding the Tedx Talk on Dr. Clark on the pink tax."

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